Treat Yourself to the Best. Steak. Ever.

Ever heard of the reverse sear? It’s a cooking technique that is both easy and turns out a perfect steak worthy of a high-end restaurant. The reverse sear method involves first cooking the meat on a very low heat then searing the outside on a hot pan or grill. With a little homework, you can enjoy a fantastic steak dinner in your own home anytime. First you’ll want to start with a nice steak. The ribeye is the king of steaks but there are certainly other great options. For a quick review and good advice see this article from Bon Appétit (link words to If you’re concerned about selecting a lean steak see the link below for information on lean, heart-healthy cuts to consider.

Next will be the preparation and the cooking technique. Both are important but not difficult once you know what to do. First take your steak out of the fridge, out of packaging and place on a plate or baking sheet, sprinkle with salt, pepper, herbs if you like and then cover with a cloth and let it breathe and come to room temperature for 20 minutes. Have a glass of wine. Now comes the reverse sear which can be done with oven + cast iron skillet or oven + grill. Either method produces a beautiful sear on the outside and a perfect medium rare on the inside with all those meat juices sealed in for a memorable dining experience. The cast iron skillet won’t give you grill marks however using a grill will – plus it will add smoky flavor. The choice is yours.

So now for some instructions. With oven + cast iron place the steak on a cooling rack on top of the foil-lined baking sheet. Place steak in oven at 275 degrees until the internal temperature is 125 degrees. Be sure to use a thermometer so you get the temperature spot on. Removing at 125 results in a medium rare steak. Remove the steak from oven and let it rest for 15 minutes. Then follow up with the sear action in a cast iron skillet on high heat, add olive oil, turning every minute to get a crusty, dark brown sear each side. With oven + grill follow the same procedure. After resting, accomplish the sear by placing the steak on a hot grill just long enough to sear, add grill marks to each side and allow the steak to pick up some smoky flavor.

Want to dig deeper with photos and videos? Here are some good resources:

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(link to

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(link to


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