Case Study

Managing Meetings with Key Stakeholders

At CMM Global, we value efficiency and effectiveness, and we understand the mindset of busy executives and international thought leaders. Through years of hands-on experience, we’ve developed management techniques that work effectively, efficiently, and responsively. Here’s an example:

The Challenge

CMM Global managed the content-planning process for a large international medical symposium held annually in Europe. The planning process involved a large and diverse group of stakeholders, each with a role to play in the process. These roles were defined by project needs and compliance guidelines, both internal and external to the sponsoring organizations. There were multiple sponsors, budgets and timelines, an international group of participants, and several task groups involved in the year-long planning process. CMM Global was responsible for overall content planning as well as detailed and fully coordinated planning for a variety of subcommittees.

The Solution

CMM Global assembled a team of specialists to meet the goals of each subgroup of stakeholders. In addition, our overall project manager coordinated the big picture and ensured that all efforts progressed as planned. We coordinated activities in a cross functional manner with attention to compliance policies and documentation during all phases of project management. Nearly all our planning, coordination, and subgroup meetings were conducted by teleconference and e-mail – enabling the symposium’s funding to be deployed in the most cost-effective manner. For these projects, experience informs our choices and the methods we employ to ensure that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.

The Results

Our feedback from the sponsors, scientific planning committee, faculty, and attendees was very positive. In fact, planning committee members and faculty sent notes of appreciation for our professional attitude, respect for their time, and assistance in making the symposium impactful. The sponsoring organizations expressed amazement that things progressed so easily – on time, on budget, and beyond their expectations. From the big picture to the smallest detail, our team collaborated to ensure a seamless process and an unmatched educational experience for sponsors, faculty, and symposium attendees.

The Next Step

Call us to discuss collaboration and meeting strategies tailored specifically to your next project. We have experience working with a range of clients — Fortune 50 pharmaceutical companies, professional societies, CRO’s, and small biotech companies on projects both large and small