Making Your Kids Armchair Travelers

Most of us do not have a choice when it comes to business travel, it’s simply part of the professional landscape. For those of us with a family – staying in touch, especially with the kids is sometimes difficult. While leaving kids at home can present challenges, it can also present opportunities. For instance, teaching them they can live without you for a few days, that you will always come back and, importantly, that your travel can be a fun learning adventure for them. Defining expectations is important, particularly for younger children who don’t have a well-developed sense of time. Leaving a calendar page with them to cross the days off may be a good idea. Help children understand where you’ll be by showing photos, pointing out the location on a map, or, for older kids, researching it on the Internet or in a book.

Technology makes it easy for children to be in touch and to be “armchair travelers” on your trips. Facetime, text messages, Facebook Live, Snap Chat and numerous other smart-phone based apps make it easy to share, stay in touch and close the distance while you are away. To ensure calls and texts occur at times when you can participate consider leaving your travel schedule, flights, hotel info, and meeting schedule on the front of the fridge. Mark times of day that will be good for calls and limit communication to these designated times unless an emergency occurs. Older kids with phones may find it entertaining to look up your flights on a flight tracking app.  There are also low-tech options that are just as fun and educational – postcards, maps, books, brochures. Carry a zip lock bag in your luggage – as you collect these items drop them in the bag. When you return, you’ll have a bag full of interesting stuff to share and discuss.

You can also make life easy on your spouse or family member staying with your children by creating a master cheat sheet which includes what the kids eat, their schedules, activities, a list of local kid-friendly restaurants and the numbers for several delivery food places.

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Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM is home to one of the most highly educated metropolitan areas in the country, generally landing on top ten lists of PhDs per capita. With a defined place on the US Historic Route 66, Albuquerque is the only location where Route 66 crosses itself. You can visit this unique spot at the intersection of Central Avenue and 4th Street in downtown.

If you only have a couple of hours to visit in this beautiful city, here are our top suggestions.

Stop off for a meal at longtime Albuquerque favorite Frontier Restaurant ( Open daily from 5:00 AM – 1:00 AM, you can have a famous Frontier Sweet Roll whatever the time. Founded at its current location across from the University of New Mexico in 1971, this is a staple for visitors and locals alike. We highly recommend the Breakfast Burrito and suggest you ask for it “Christmas tree” style. This will provide a combination of both red and green salsa on top.

Old Town is a must-see if you only have a few hours to visit. This 10-block area will provide you with a quick glimpse of the history and traditions of Albuquerque ( Built in the Pueblo-Spanish architectural style, in Old Town you can explore museums, gift shops, hotels, galleries and restaurants. Be sure to see the San Felipe de Neri Church on the plaza. Established in 1793, this is the oldest building in Old Town.

If you have a few hours to spare, we highly recommend you travel a few miles out of town to the Sandia Peak Tramway ( The tram is 2.7 miles in diagonal length and allows visitors to ascend to the altitude of 10,378 feet at the Sandia Peak summit. From the peak, visitors can see an 11,000 square mile panorama of the Rio Grande valley. Our tip to visitors is to drink additional water and to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth when at the summit. This will reduce any adverse reactions to the thin air at this altitude.

Wishing you happy Flybys!


#FlybyTourist – Join Our Journeys

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